Innovative and unique: 3D Eyelash Extensions

Your eyes are the lethal weapon of seduction. Rare are those women who can naturally boast stunning long eyelashes, even after applying mascara several times.

See my Cils, the Eye Beauty Expert, achieves perfection in the area of Eyelash Extensions with a new 3D Extensions technique: a journey of lightness into the heart of Hollywood glamour.

Volume XXL but extra light

Seasoned Eyelash Extensions professional, stylist Elodie Raheria, is an accomplished master of this innovative and punctilious stroking technique. This technique consists of infusing three to six ultra-fine and super light extensions made of natural silk into one natural eyelash; these extensions are supported by one unique attachment made of ophthalmic and hypoallergenic glue that is both invisible and conformal.

Works even on short and sparse eyelashes

Thanks to their exceptional volume and feather weight, the 3D Extensions will accentuate all types of eyes, even if the eyelashes are short, fine, unruly or sparse without bunching and in perfect harmony with a fragile nature of the eyelashes.

Similar to mini-fans, these extensions exacerbate your eyelash volume and length for unmatched curves and a multi-dimensional effect

Those who try it once get ADDICTED!

Application : : in the spirit of true craftsmanship, the process is methodical and rigorous, the full application takes around two hours (twice the time of a classical method). The 3D effect can also be applied partially for a Bambi look.

Maintenance: avoid contact with water for 24 hours, remove make-up with micellar water and avoid rubbing your eyes with oily or creamy substances.

The 3D Extensions last for : about 3 weeks between 2 light touch ups!

Couture Eyes…

Eyelashes of stars from the moment you wakeup and without any mascara, delicate, ultra-fine, volume XXL yet feather weight… 3D Extensions are making an entrance!